Before you come

Essentials for Sera Lodge:

1. Bring your own food for the duration of your stay
2. Meat is scarce – vacuum pack and freeze your own before departure
3. Bring your own bath towels and swimming towels
4. Sun block and hats
5. Mosquito repellents
6. Dishcloths, tablecloths and serviettes
7. Dishwashing liquid and toilet paper
8. Firelighters, Mozambique charcoal can be purchased from us.
9. Gas bottle with skottel
10. Torch. If trouble with EDM power (Eskom), anything is possible it’s Mozambique – be prepared.
11. Own Medical aid Kit
12. Only one plug point available in each casa. Bring own fan, extension and multi-plug.
13. Own comfortable camping chair for decks of casa’s and the beach.
14. Welcome to bring own freezer if your casa has no Freezer.
15. Bring own snorkel and flippers and surf bords
16. Bring own small fishing rods and hooks
17. Bring own Umbrellas and Cazibo's

18. Your welcome to bring your own pillow with.


Travelling Tips

  •     Wear your safety belt at all times.
  •     If sign shows 80/60 km/h please travel that speed limit.
  •     Do not take your safety belt off until official is by your vehicle and they ask you to get out.
  •     If pulled off the road, please remember to put your hazards on immediately.
  •     If towing a trailer please display the yellow or red triangle on the right front of your vehicle.
  •     There must be two yellow or orange reflecter jackets in every vehicle.
  •     There must be two red triangles in every vehicle.
  •     Each car have to have  one small fire extinguisher.
  •     Fines can be given as follows:
  •     10km/h - 20km/h over the speed limit fine 1000mets
  •      20km/h - 40km/h over the speed limit fine 2000mets
  •      40km/h is LOCK UP!!!!


Mozambique Info

  • Climate

The climate is tropical and sub-tropical, conditioned by the regime of monsoons from the Indian Ocean and by hot currents coming from equatorial regions. In the north and center of the country it is tropical-humid. In south its tropical dry and there is a tropical high climate, which covers the mountains. The hot and rainy season is between November and April average temperature is 21º to 29º C. From May to October average temperature 17º to 25º C. There is moderate rain and lower temperatures in July and August.

  • Language

The official language is Portuguese; however English is spoken all over the country.

  •  Credit cards / Currency

Mozambique's local currency is the Metical; however US dollars and SA Rand are widely accepted. It's advisable to carry cash as credit cards are not widely accepted at smaller establishments and obtaining a cash advance on a credit card in a bank can be a costly and time consuming process.

  • Unleaded petrol/diesel

There is a petrol station with a quick-shop less than 10 km from Sera Lodge and is open from 6:00 to 22:00.

  • Food/Snacks

Food is traditionally based on the Afro-Portuguese style. All over Mozambique you will find several quality restaurants, serving typical dishes and international food. But you cannot buy meat - bring your own meat vacuum sealed and frozen. Limited fresh vegetables are available in Xai-Xai or in Chidenguele at the market. Some tinned food but no cream, yogurt, butter or cheese is found. Divert things like snacks, alcohol, cool drinks; vegetables are available from our local shop ("Pick & Pay") at a price in Chidenguele. Local Curio stall. There is also a a Shoprite (U save)  or SaveRite in Xai-Xai that can supply the basic necessities.

  • Drinking water

Water is treated, but it will be safer to drink bottled water, which can be found in all supermarkets and shops.
Sera Lodge has boreholes water which is safe to drink.
  • Health

There is a local Clinic in Chidenguele with the basic facilities. There are local 24 hour chemists in Xai-Xai available and a Hospital. Management can supply you with contact details for a doctor in Xai-Xai.

In case of emergency Netcare 911 can be contacted on 00258 84 911 or 82 911 in Mozambique.

Inoculations against yellow fever, tetanus, hepatitis etc are currently not required by Mozambique. It is wise to take precautions against tetanus and malaria. Please visit www.mdtravelhealth.com for more information.

  • Public Holidays

1st January: New Year's Day
3rd February: Mozambican Heroes Day
7th April: Mozambican Women's Day
1st May: Labour Day
25th June: Independence Day
7th September: Victory Day
25th September: Armed Forces Day
25th December: Family Day

  • Cell Phones

Activate international roaming before entering Mozambique.

Contact Us

Mark: 00258-82-525-4403
Zelda: 00258-82-525-4591

RSA nr if in SA:
0027 82 859 3132

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Prefer to be contact via email or sms because of inconsistent cell phone-signal


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